Antigravity Suspension Fitness 2015
Antigravity Fundamentals 1 & 2 2015
ACE personal trainer 2006
ACE group fitness 2007
Yogafit Level 1 2009
Schwinn Cycle Instructor 2013

About Me

I’m an aerialist, fitness competitor, fitness model, and tradeshow & promotional model.  I try to do it all while having fun in the process! I have a passion for health, fitness, and performing. I strive to be healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.


I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Ever since I was very young I have had a natural affinity for athletics. Over the years I have trained for and competed in a variety of sports including: gymnastics, dance, softball, cross country skiing, track & field, triathlons, aerial acrobatics, and cheerleading. I absolutely love to be active and to try new things.

I also was involved with theatre and arts from a very early age. I trained and performed in acting, dancing, and singing at The Children's Theatre Company in MN for ten years. I have always been comfortable being on stage and performing for an audience. 

In recent years, as I have become less active in sports, training for bikini and fitness competitions has filled in that competitive void all while I try to advance my career in the fitness industry at large. Training and dieting for these competitions has taught me so much about my body and I have loved the challenge. Aerial performing arts began for me just as a hobby, but it has quickly has become one of my greatest passions along with fitness.  And it was that passion that led me to move to Las Vegas and actively pursue a career in that arena as well.

Las Vegas, NV

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